Access to Information Policy (AIP)

What information does IFC disclose?

IFC's Access to Information Policy (AIP) went into effect on January 1, 2012, and supersedes the IFC Disclosure Policy (April 2006). Through the 2012 policy, IFC seeks to provide accurate and timely information regarding its investment and advisory services activities to its clients, partners and stakeholders.

Investment Related Information

For investment projects, IFC discloses a Summary of Investment Information (SII) and, if relevant, an Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS), depending on the E&S risk categorization. For all Category A investments, disclosure occurs 60 days prior to consideration by IFC's Board of Directors. For all other investments, disclosure occurs 30 days prior to Board discussion.

Advisory Services Related Information

For advisory services projects, IFC discloses a summary of Advisory Services Project Information (ASPI), following approval of the project.

Project Results Information

For each investment and advisory project, IFC discloses certain results. These involve indicators tracked in IFC’s Development Outcome Tracking System (DOTS) that are not commercially sensitive, as agreed with the client. The disclosure applies only to projects with an E&S risk categorization of A, B, FI-1, and FI-2. This information is added to the SII as soon as the project begins recording results and is updated on an annual basis following the publication of IFC's Annual Report.

World Bank Group Open Finances

IFC contributes up-to-date project data to the World Bank Group Open Finances website. The goal of the website is to make data related to the World Bank Group's financials available to everybody in a social, interactive, visually compelling, and machine readable format. All the data on the website is available to slice and dice, visualize, and share with others. We invite you to explore the numerous, easy-to-use tools on the website, discuss and rate the datasets, build your own visualizations, and share what is interesting to you through channels like Facebook and Twitter. You can also download the data in multiple formats or, if you are a developer, connect to it through the APIs associated with all the datasets. To get started:

Please note that the datasets are raw and may not have been audited yet - our goal is to make raw data publicly available in open data format as soon as it is approved for public release through other channels. For official IFC data, please refer to IFC's Annual Report.